YouTube’s First Atheist Video

It has been suggested that Atheist Walking was the first Atheist video on Youtube,
it is also rumored to have started the Youtube Atheist Revolution


google-atheist_youtube-cropThere was a time when Googling “atheist youtube” returned a picture of me and the great Carl Sagan


I have witnessed and felt the power of both faith and love. I am an atheist but I have faith in spiritual things. I am not a skeptic. “redirecting” the power and energy of faith to focus on our- selves and not in the sky will eliminate 95% of the worlds problems and create a heaven on earth.

I strive to achieve harmony with everybody and everything that I come in contact with.
The result is success in life and I celebrate this success with the dance.

More Of My Personal Atheism

I was bitter about religion and how believers treated me back when I realized I didn’t believe in God and EVERYONE around me did. I was totally convinced everyone around me was “wrong” for believing in imaginary things that no one ever saw- but Im the one crazy one. Being ridiculed and told to be …

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A Facebook Reply About My Atheism

extra ordinary claims require extraordinary proof. first off, i see no evidence that there is a God. And if by God a person means a “Creator,” i see no evidence this creator interacts in our day to day lives. there are questions i cannot answer as to our origins and purpose, and i am comfortable …

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