YouTube’s First Atheist Video

It has been suggested that Atheist Walking was the first Atheist video on Youtube,
it is also rumored to have started the Youtube Atheist Revolution


google-atheist_youtube-cropThere was a time when Googling “atheist youtube” returned a picture of me and the great Carl Sagan


I have witnessed and felt the power of both faith and love. I am an atheist but I have faith in spiritual things. I am not a skeptic. “redirecting” the power and energy of faith to focus on our- selves and not in the sky will eliminate 95% of the worlds problems and create a heaven on earth.

I strive to achieve harmony with everybody and everything that I come in contact with.
The result is success in life and I celebrate this success with the dance.

Leaps Of Faith From A Foundation Of Faith

Leaps of faith (belief without evidence) from a foundation of faith. There is no evidence that there is an ultimate “Creator.” From there, there is no evidence that this creator can or does interact with the “creation” we call the universe. The temperament and disposition of this creator is also a great leap of faith. …

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More Of My Personal Atheism

I was bitter about religion and how believers treated me back when I realized I didn’t believe in God and EVERYONE around me did. I was totally convinced everyone around me was “wrong” for believing in imaginary things that no one ever saw- but Im the one crazy one. Being ridiculed and told to be …

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