More Of My Personal Atheism

I was bitter about religion and how believers treated me back when I realized I didn’t believe in God and EVERYONE around me did. I was totally convinced everyone around me was “wrong” for believing in imaginary things that no one ever saw- but Im the one crazy one.

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A Facebook Reply About My Atheism

extra ordinary claims require extraordinary proof. first off, i see no evidence that there is a God. And if by God a person means a “Creator,” i see no evidence this creator interacts in our day to day lives. 20031113-005--300x211there are questions i cannot answer as to our origins and purpose, and i am comfortable with “i/we dont know” as an answer.

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Pondering Our Origins

149352_10151439773102125_1230131461_nEducation not only provides more possibilities and solutions, but enhances the process by which answers are found. Without a basic understanding of the sciences and how chemistry, biology, astronomy etc all operate together, how does one come to an explanation for the origin of life and the Universe? How is this very complex question answered without the accumulated study, experiment and knowledge of Mankind? The questioning of our origins will lead us to the most important answers there are: Why are we here? What is our purpose?


It is possible life as we know it may have to go beyond what we were “created” for or by. We may find that what we have evolved into was not the intention if there was a conscious creator. We may find life as we know it was an unintended consequence of an “eternal ongoing” process. We may find that for life to continue “forever” life must do battle with the forces that created it to survive. This …is the way life works via the evolutionary process in the only ecosystem we know, ours. There is no set or determined goal of life. This process did not intend to create Man, the intention of this process is to continue. We are not the final or highest point of this process, we are just a step an evolutionary step in this process.


I miss my stop theorizing about the universe and had to back track 3 stations! LOL LIFE IS GOOD!


RT: @SamHarrisOrg: Facts and Values: If you are not going to get your values from how the universe IS, just where are you going to get them? (This was tweeted just now!! Great minds think alike!!)


An Open Conversation With A Christian 2004

july 16, 2004

In a message dated 7/15/2004 9:43:39 AM Eastern Daylight Time, **** ***** writes:

>Hello, how are you and the family doing? I pray that your doing great, and
>most importantly drawing closer to the Lord Jesus, making a total surrender to
>Him daily. If not, why not today. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is far away,
>in fact not even promised. Let us respond to the Saviour’s invitation and
>command to “Take up our cross” and follow Him this day. “This is the day the Lord
>has made”- Made for what? For us to experience the fullness of His Great and
>Glorious Power in the transformation of our minds and lives today. Won’t you
>join me. Rev 14:7 “For the hour of His judgement is come”.
>P.S. See attachment, it is a wonderful lesson. Write me back and let me know
>what you think.1 John 3:2,3

Subj: Re: Lessons on Faith
Date: 7/16/2004 10:10:51 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: PFUNK1
To: **** *****

faith works. faith is man made.
you dont need to have faith in any particular god, just a strong faith.
its the power of believing in something that transforms the individual,
no the something that is believed in. its the faith. or maybe
the thing you have strong life chamging faith in becomes god.
hmmmm… maybe im on to something here

the more i read, the more ridiculous the biblical stories sound.
the more i hear believers talk, the more im amazed at how so
many people can believe so deeply in something so riduculous.
its like lunacy if you ask me.

read your words. your BEGGING THE QUESTION. you dont provide any
tangible evidence or anything, you are just BEGGING for people
to believe as you do. its kinda unbecoming if ya ask me. and
since im talking, you sound like you are in some kinda cult.
it cant be healthy to be involved and so completely subservient
to anything like you are. i could not follow or dedicate myself
to anything other than my own understanding like that.

i hope you have a good morning and a great day. im having a good
one so far here in wonderful los angeles. i aint mad or hatin
on ya for nothing, but i gotta let you know you sound crazy
to me talking like that. its complete lunacy to me.

but hey, as long as it works for you. and it doesnt bother me if
you want to pray for me to find god, cause i know those prayers
actually are for you to help YOU strengthen and justify YOUR faith.

most of all we funk!!

DAILYS: October 9, 2004: Wishing A President Would Acknowledge Atheists

october 9, 2004
“Atheism would appear to be one of the last minorities it is acceptable to openly discriminate against, right along with homosexuals. Atheists are not allowed to hold public office in four states. While campaigning for the presidency, George Bush stated and later reaffirmed that he did not believe atheists could possibly be patriotic and should not be citizens. The Boy Scouts of America refuse to accept atheists in its ranks, asserting that they cannot possibly grow up into the best possible citizens. Good Christians on the Religious Right proclaim that a conspiracy of atheists and secular humanists is trying to take over this country and brainwash the children – despite our small numbers! Atheism itself is generally ignored in politics and in the media.” from:

the possible next president of the united states publicly acknowledging the rights and culture of agnostics and atheists. just even saying the word atheist publicly is major.

“daddy whats an atheist?”

Why The Devil Can’t Be Saved

The Power Of “Faith” is Also the Problem with Faith

Faith works. A person with a faith is a happier, better functioning human being. Faith by definition is belief in things for which there is no evidence. Over the years of human development systems were created that pump adreneline, saratonin, endorphins and other stimulants into our system based on how we feel and what we think. With faith, we not only find a way to overcome the things that are unknown to us (no evidence),  we also can achieve the spectacular and perform “super human” tasks based on how we feel.

The problem with faith is that just because a person (or miillions of people) believes it, it is still unknown (there is no evidence). And because these beliefs are “sights unseen,” they can be interpreted and or presented to be anything. There is no direct criteria to judge the unknown so it can be whatever we or any individual wants it to be. It’s not about what it is, its now becomes about what we believe it is.

So when we apply faith to religion and God, who determines what the unknown and unseen is? The Church? Your Pastor? The Bible? It’s he who claims to know the unknown.  And we all have an equal right to do that. So how can any individual or organization claim to know what God is or what God wants?

With no direct evidence there will always be conflicting ideas,contradictions and at least minor conflict.

Science is a system where nothing is taken as true without direct evidence and repeatable demostration of this evidence. There has to be criteria and “experiments” that can disprove any claim that is made. If something cant be disproven it cant be taken as fact.

Can An Atheist Believe In Christmas? YES!!!!

More #dogspeeding…

Do you understand the basic points behind the Big Bang Theory? (not the song or tv show) Not believe, but understand man’s best scientific guess at our origin? 

the big bang the6ry does not attempt to answer how or what started it all. it is data we have collected on what happen after it started. and i think the answer to that question is we dont know. we dont know what kicked all this off. also evolution and the big bang theory and the creation of the universe are 3 completely seperate things.

in my opinion, thats what creationism was designed to do, leave you with no questions. not necessarily explain how or what, but to satisfy man’s need to know. if you believe in creationism, i assume you mean God created all this. ok, thats cool. but the scientific method must ask the next question; how did he do it? and creationism does not answer that question, it just says he did. and that has been a great comfort to human beings.

the scientific method is completely anti-faith. faith by definition means there is no evidence. mankind and understanding is inevitabley heading towards being based on scientific methods because of the internet and the availablity of information. even einstein used “god” to answer questions he didnt have the answer too.

i have my own strong beliefs but have stopped trying to change people’s minds- though i love a good discussion! at this point i really really want to dialogue with people of faith to understand what and how they see it. its a touchy subject and part of the fun is that we get passionate about it, but that usually leads to unproductive exchanges.

creationism and believing in God forbids you to know how God did it or how God works. that ceiling to knowledge and my understanding is completely unacceptable to me.

Talkin’ Quantum Spiritual Energy

i have always subscribed to a multi-universe theory. i think there are and have been bazillions. but i dont believe they exist as one for every posibility. like parallel universes. so i never was sugary sweet on the “quantum” thing as a whole, but was definitely feeling the duality particle / wave stuff and how if “viewed” events are influened and changed in the quantum realm (very sub atomic particles).

but it wasnt until like a few months ago i made the connection between meditation and such (and energy it could bring) and its effect in the quantum realm. there now is at least a glimmer of what could be the connection of how thoughts, prayers, meditations and what some call spiritual energy interfaces and interacts in what we perceive to be the physical world.

science is getting close to describing things once thought of as metaphysical in scientific terms. just like when we thought chariots pulled the sun across the sky until science and observation showed us different.