More #dogspeeding…

Do you understand the basic points behind the Big Bang Theory? (not the song or tv show) Not believe, but understand man’s best scientific guess at our origin? 

the big bang the6ry does not attempt to answer how or what started it all. it is data we have collected on what happen after it started. and i think the answer to that question is we dont know. we dont know what kicked all this off. also evolution and the big bang theory and the creation of the universe are 3 completely seperate things.

in my opinion, thats what creationism was designed to do, leave you with no questions. not necessarily explain how or what, but to satisfy man’s need to know. if you believe in creationism, i assume you mean God created all this. ok, thats cool. but the scientific method must ask the next question; how did he do it? and creationism does not answer that question, it just says he did. and that has been a great comfort to human beings.

the scientific method is completely anti-faith. faith by definition means there is no evidence. mankind and understanding is inevitabley heading towards being based on scientific methods because of the internet and the availablity of information. even einstein used “god” to answer questions he didnt have the answer too.

i have my own strong beliefs but have stopped trying to change people’s minds- though i love a good discussion! at this point i really really want to dialogue with people of faith to understand what and how they see it. its a touchy subject and part of the fun is that we get passionate about it, but that usually leads to unproductive exchanges.

creationism and believing in God forbids you to know how God did it or how God works. that ceiling to knowledge and my understanding is completely unacceptable to me.