DAILYS: October 9, 2004: Wishing A President Would Acknowledge Atheists

october 9, 2004
“Atheism would appear to be one of the last minorities it is acceptable to openly discriminate against, right along with homosexuals. Atheists are not allowed to hold public office in four states. While campaigning for the presidency, George Bush stated and later reaffirmed that he did not believe atheists could possibly be patriotic and should not be citizens. The Boy Scouts of America refuse to accept atheists in its ranks, asserting that they cannot possibly grow up into the best possible citizens. Good Christians on the Religious Right proclaim that a conspiracy of atheists and secular humanists is trying to take over this country and brainwash the children – despite our small numbers! Atheism itself is generally ignored in politics and in the media.” from: http://atheism.about.com/library/FAQs/ath/blathq_whyi.htm

the possible next president of the united states publicly acknowledging the rights and culture of agnostics and atheists. just even saying the word atheist publicly is major.

“daddy whats an atheist?”