A Facebook Reply About My Atheism

extra ordinary claims require extraordinary proof. first off, i see no evidence that there is a God. And if by God a person means a “Creator,” i see no evidence this creator interacts in our day to day lives. 20031113-005--300x211there are questions i cannot answer as to our origins and purpose, and i am comfortable with “i/we dont know” as an answer.

i understand totally why people believe in God and the comfort faith gives- I TOTALLY AM A FAN OF FAITH!. Faith works and has driven humanity to accomplish the greatest things. Faith and love move mountains. i am a fan of science and have ideas of our origins that i feel more comfortable believing than the creation story. my understanding of life and how the universe works gets me by without an external conscious source to guide it. thats what works for me. other people are free to believe as they wish and im cool with that, until their ideas cant stand the test of logic. i will never challenge someone on their right to believe 1 + 1 = 7, but i will come at them with both guns loaded to explain their reasoning behind such a claim.

i love nerdy theological discussions! i believe the media and the internet and the open discussion of religion is what is going to be its downfall. never before has a person been free to ask questions about God on such a widespread basis without persecution and ridicule. and when the most holy of people are asked straight questions they cannot answer them, they have to refer to faith. and faith is the belief in things for which there is no evidence. in todays world we are use to direct detailed answers about everything and the kids grow up expecting this instantly on their phones from google. and they get these answers! and they are asking intelligent detailed questions about God that no one can answer, only faith can answer these. the following generations will make their own decisions regarding God and religions and the example that started this conversation is just the beginning. kids are allowed to question god openly in public now maybe for the first time ever.