Pondering Our Origins

149352_10151439773102125_1230131461_nEducation not only provides more possibilities and solutions, but enhances the process by which answers are found. Without a basic understanding of the sciences and how chemistry, biology, astronomy etc all operate together, how does one come to an explanation for the origin of life and the Universe? How is this very complex question answered without the accumulated study, experiment and knowledge of Mankind? The questioning of our origins will lead us to the most important answers there are: Why are we here? What is our purpose?


It is possible life as we know it may have to go beyond what we were “created” for or by. We may find that what we have evolved into was not the intention if there was a conscious creator. We may find life as we know it was an unintended consequence of an “eternal ongoing” process. We may find that for life to continue “forever” life must do battle with the forces that created it to survive. This …is the way life works via the evolutionary process in the only ecosystem we know, ours. There is no set or determined goal of life. This process did not intend to create Man, the intention of this process is to continue. We are not the final or highest point of this process, we are just a step an evolutionary step in this process.


I miss my stop theorizing about the universe and had to back track 3 stations! LOL LIFE IS GOOD!


RT: @SamHarrisOrg: Facts and Values: If you are not going to get your values from how the universe IS, just where are you going to get them? (This was tweeted just now!! Great minds think alike!!)