P.Z Meyers ‘I like this guy’s style’ (link to blog)
An atheist goes for a walk and is accosted by a couple of Christians, and he defends himself…no, more than that, he goes on the offensive. It’s great to watch. This is what we all have to do: no more appeasement, no more making excuses for the foolishness of others, just smack down their yapping noises aggressively, confidently, without compromise. And he laughs good-naturedly at their crazy ideas. Perfect!”


“This is an absolutely classic youtube video. I happened to watch it back in 2006 when it was newly uploaded, and I think it was one of the first youtube atheism videos. ”

“This is one of my favorite videos on youtube.”

“PFUNK YOU PUT WHAT I THINK IN WORDS.” I don’t have the intelligence to put my thoughts in words so it nice to hear someone put some of my thoughts into words. Please don’t stop making videos man. You put complex thoughts into simple words that we can understand. thank u”

Is this the first atheist video on youtube.  I’m sure I heard somewhere that it was.”

“You are an inspiration. I’ve heard many pro-atheist arguments, but none of them seem to come close to the way you just grab one’s attention. The “Atheist Walking” video is such a great defense. I’ve heard many pro-atheist arguments, but none of them seem to come close to the way you just grab one’s attention. The popular success that your videos have enjoyed is surely a reflection of your work’s relevance and importance to society. Logic and reasoning have seldom had such an ally, and they have seldom needed it more. Keep up the good debate. this guy is really smart! i never heard a better explanation of this well done!”

“Atheist Walking was one of the first videos I saw on YouTube when I first started exploring it. Back then I had no idea? there were atheists on YouTube, and I thought “Wow, you can post this on YouTube? Cool.”

“Kinda funny how they ” theist” think of us. But Jeff you represent atheist well.”

“the walking video was awesome! You’ve had a big influence on a lot of people, PFUNK, including me. I’ve had your ‘walking’ video featured on my web site since… forever, and never tire of watching it. And as one of the original YT ‘old school’ atheists I salute you thank -you- for posting it!”

“How Are you Jeff? First off i love your videos! Your Atheist walking video really pushed me over the fence and landed me on atheism. I thank you for that!”

“Message from England I have just been watching random videos on Youtube and Atheist walking caught my eye. Following that I watched your two partner as well on some of your theories and thinking. After watching these, i feel like I have so much to say to you, but am just right now taken a back at how much respect and appreciation i have for you.”

“smartest man on Youtube. Most kudos go for not getting pissed off at and/or sarcastic…Nice job.”

“PFUNK YOU PUT WHAT I THINK IN WORDS.” I don’t have the intelligence to put my thoughts in words so it nice to hear someone put some of my thoughts into words. Please don’t stop making videos man. You put complex thoughts into simple words that we can understand. thank u”

“Cool, a respectable atheist who instead of insulting you on your beliefs, simply rejects it because of lack of proof.”

“Im so glad to see that there is somebody on Youtube who can break down thier disbelief in a way that’s intellegent and articulate with out comming off as condescending.”

Wow I love this guy! Definitely one of my favorite Atheists here on youtube!

“this man is a genious.This is an american right? at least some americans have some brains, no offence”

“Dude I just want to thank you so much for speaking your mind. There is so much hate and distrust in the world for non-religious people like our selves it sometimes feels like a losing battle. But when I find someone else who believes what I do, speaks it so fluently and is obviously very well educated it reminds me that even though I may be apart of the minority I’m on the right side.”

“This is the first brotha atheist I have ever seen…awesome!”

“if everyone watched this video and was more open minded towards atheism, things would change in this country, well done PFUNK, atheism FTW”

“Why don’t all humans think like this? I guess that’s asking too much from humanity, in all its stupidity.”

“This guy’s enlightened. We need more black atheists. Spread the word brother”.

“man this guy said it all! this has got to be the best debate I’ve ever seen and the title of this video is perfect, PERFECT. I’m amazed and privileged to have found this little gem of a video. The Christians in this video used every tactic they had against this atheist and he was articulate AND he listened–neither of which will you see from the religious.”

“Great walk & talk: Clear and articulate with no yelling or pointless arguing.”

“I’ve said this before, I seriously think that you are one the most legendary people ever PFUNK! ”

“i LOVE this guy…He isn’t over-complicating his philosophy nor his defense of it..And I love how he admits that living forever doesn’t appeal to him…. Not to sound racist (’cause im absolutely not) but it is SO refreshing to see a black man with a sports jersey on TALKING LIKE THIS..being smart is cool! ”

“I have a lot of respect for a black athiest, their’s a lot of cultural pressure on them to go to church etc. Keep your logic strong my brother.”

“This guy is sharp as a tack. Imagine if he had time to prepare his thoughts. Who is this guy? He’s my new hero.”

“That is a very intelligent man talking!”

“man this is guy is amazing”

“I couldn’t have argued against religion any better while walking down a street. He’s a natural debator.”

“P Funk, you rock! The world needs more people like yourself with logic and common sense. Good on ya mate!”

“Your a great guy you got every point. And you sorta remind me of Samuel L Jackson.”

“this atheist is awesome”

“this guy is awesome. very intelligent and able to disprove everything that religious nut says”

“Atheist Walking is an awesome video. You are my new best friend…”

“Pfunk is smart, down-to-earth & doesn’t suffer fools. Very likeable guy.”

“Lately I haven’t been watching your vids, but I owe you much, Jeff. Of all the steps that led me to atheism, watching you famous Atheist Walking vid in late Dec 2006 was probably THE step, a wonderful demonstration of free speech and free thinking.Whenever I browse my profile on Youtube and glance at my subscriptions, I see PFUNK1 in the first place and smile.”

“The original Atheist Walking vid is one of my favorite vids of all time.”

“man you’re the best , ive been a long time subscriber but this is the first time(at least i think it is) im posting a comment on your page”

“you’re the first person i’ve wanted to subscribe too, and i did. you resonate intellect, but what i like the most is that you have a Critical way of thinking, you doubt. i’m like that, and you’re the first person i’ve seen here on youtube that are like that. so respect and a big fat kudos from someone similar in another part of the world.”

“I love this guy. I say we start a church of P Funk. There is obviously one intelligent person…”

“I agree with everything P Funk said. I love to see this screened in a church and followed by a discussion”

“This guy’s on top of things! I can’t think on my feet like that.”

“This guy is awesome!!! If there were more people as clued up as he is, then the world would be a much better place”

“I now understand why GS gave you a shout out. Respekt!You inspire me.”

“Rare to see a brotha preaching reason, science, philosophy and love.”

“PFUNK1, you make way too much sense. I love your style.”

“That black guys actually very clever wrong or right.”

“This guy fucking is awesome”

“”P Funk, you really ARE #1!”

“p funk is my new hero”

“I still love this video. 5 stars”

“LOL! I am a Christian but this guy ruled! He’s awesome! I liked how he didn’t try to ridicule the believer, but he argued with reason.”

“Love ya are the shit dude. Always keepin it real”

“This guy is awesome. He knows christianity waaay better than the christians he’s debating, and he hangs them out to dry.”

“What a wonderful man! I wish there were more people like you in the US!”

“you sir are an intelligent articulate individual. Way to stand by your belief.”

“P FUNK for office….. A few more common sense people like that and America would be a lot better off!”

“Hey, cool video! Really thought provoking, and balanced.”

“LOL! This video is awesome!”

“So this is where Greydon Square got that sound bite in his a song. Great video.”

“Oh man, you are the coolest dude I have ever seen. haha wow man, keep it up.”

“PFUNK1 speaks the truth, strong and clear.”

“wow…didnt think the guy wearing the “p-funk” jersey would be the voice of reason in this video”

“How can I pray to, worship P-FUNK? This man is THE MAN!”

“This video is great! His rationality and ability to think critically makes me very proud to be a member of the human race!”

“This guy is awesome. Has very good points its awesome.”

“I love this guy, I seriously wish I knew him in real life.”

“If there is a personal God, that man deserves salvation just for his great intellect.”

“Pfunk1 is my ‘extraterrestrial brotha!’ Keep on posting this good shit! Preach it brotha Jeffery!”

“P-Funk is god!!!”

“this guy clearly knows what he’s talking about.”

“Good on you, PFUNK. Stick to your guns and stick to reason.”

“I wish everyone would think like you =]”

“This guy is great ”

“Wow, I’m surprised. Most african american people believe in God and Christianity. As an Atheist myself, I take pride in seeing this guy defend his belief of science and lost promise of religion. Religion is bullshit.”

“Wow. This guy is pretty good.”


“This is one of the best videos ever!”

“Excellent Video!”

“I wanna hug this guy! :-)”

“That was amazing, greatest video ever.”

“I think this was one of the first atheist videos on youtube”

“Dude you’re my new hero. Everything you said was trueand NO Christian can give one bit of evidence to prove otherwise.”

“What a dazzling display of logic and reason all from a dude who’s just walking down the street. How refreshing.”

“wat a fucking legend this guy is. smartest black guy ive ever seen”

“The man is a hero. ”

“you’re the fuckin man P FUNK. good stuff, brother”

“damn brother that speech was uplifting. i was we as black athesit were heard more often, it so dam rare”

“P funk is the man! 5 stars”

“The world needs more people like this guy!!! Please keep at it man”

Well Spoken! A clear mind in a foggy world!”

bravo atheist walking. congrats! i love it. i’m glad people can speak out about this. thanks for posting it.”

“Ahahahaha, this video is pretty awesome. Love how absolutely cool PFUNK stays the whole time, keeping up with and parrying the two other guys, can’t catch him off guard!…Also love how there’s no venom from anybody. Too many atheist vs. theist discussions are overshadowed by senseless hostility”

“Guy being interviewed is my new hero. P Funk jersey just adds to his awesomeness!”

Wow the way you say it makes religious people sound really incompetent. Good job.”

“The truth said from a guy walking.”

I really really liked this video. Sums up how it is explaining why faith is no where near enough for saying “goddidit.”

“This guy knows what he is talking about. Good for him!”

“This is great! I admire your attitude. You stay very cool under fire, and you really know your bible… Way to go. Keep it up!!!!!”

This guy is really smart. He starts off by making a brilliant point that “Paul created Christianity more than Jesus did.” This is true, and any theist should be able to acknowledge this.”

“I’m so glad I found your channel. You are seriously one of the most intelligent atheist voices on youtube.Thank you for making me feel less alone.”

Your video “walking atheist” is the one that made me think about atheism and my belief’s, the one that finally did it was zakiechan’s video “atheist” , after that I came to my realization, that i was an atheist.”

“A black atheist is more rare than a black pearl.”

“This is how it’s done. There’s no hate, no animosity. Just lively argument.”

“One of my favourite theism/atheism videos”

“props to p funk. he has philosophy, not god. thank you for asking for evidence p funk. i don’t know of a helluva a lot of black people that speak in this way, to be blunt, and this is refreshing.”

“P Funk is the coolest motherfucker out there”

“Dude, P Funk’s blood is made of logic.”

“preach it brotha! got his facts straight and everything haha.such a well prepared argument“.

P Funk you are an awesome person who makes a lot of sense”

“omg, how have i not seen this guy yet? instant friend and sub”

“that there, is a very clever man walking who knows his stuff.”

“Its every rednecks worst nightmare….an educated black man!”

“His appearance is misleading. He’s surprisingly intelligent.”

I was gonna not watch this but I’m glad I did. This guy is smart”

“Wow. Your ability to just roll with them and tear down every one of their arguments while you’re walking someplace is amazing! I wish I could think on my feet like that.”

Hugs from Brazil man. Love u!!! =)”

“Right on Pfunk1. Never be afraid to speak your mind! I am subscribing to you !”

“dude that guy is awesome


“This man is my new 5 minute hero!

“Finally, another fellow Black Atheist.”

“the atheist guy was very smart and had knowledge…”

“It brings a smile to my face when I see another black atheist. I’m a black agnostic atheist so take my word for it when I say religion has my race by the balls.”

“Well done, sir. ”

No wonder why he carries a #1 on his t shirt.. He’s the chosen one!!! hahaha.. Excellent, I support everything he said.. “SHOW ME EVIDENCE!” that’s it!..”

P Funk you’re phenomenal. You may be moving away this christer but he know he’s badly wounded by the truth. ”

“woah, this guy knows his shit.”

“if i were to find this man on the street, i would probably do the same thing this guys did. seems like a very fun and intelligent man to talk to

“ahhhhh he’s so great this guy!”

“Im surprised, this guy is smarter than he looks. I thought he would have been the christian. Im glad there are people from all over the world that are questioning their beliefs”

Very smart man. Would love to chat sometime!”

“”Paul created Christianity more than Jesus” this guy knows what he’s talking about.

“LOL this guy is a champ, funny and intelligent.”

“Spoken from the mouth of P Funk 1!”

This guy should be God! PFUNK is cool and intelligent!”

“P funky is the shiznet!”

“This guy is awesome.”

“He is a smart man.”

“=] lol so glad i found this channel.keep it up bro”

Atheism and a Parliament/Funkadelic reference…made my day, that has :)”

“P Funk is a real black role model.”

“Pfunk, you rock! I am impressed! To improvise such clear rebuttals on the street while walking indicates you are well informed and can (literally) think on your feet! keep walking tall! Props!”

“Thank you. I love your Atheist Walking video. Thanks, man.”

First black guy I have ever seen have an intelligent debate about this, good work sir!”

“well done. seriously.”

That dude is a genius!

“AMEN PFUNK1!!!! WHOOOO Fuck yeah, I’m so damn happy, your the MAN. Subscribed! Your a badass!

“Good one, my friend. Me likey your style.”

“damn pfunk. you fuckin em up while walkin backwards.”

This guy is my hero of the day!

“Well done PFUNK1!”

“hehehe…I think I really like this guy!”

Well done PFUNK1!”

“P FUNK P FUNK P FUNK P FUNK P FUNK P FUNK P FUNK P FUNK P FUNK P FUNK P FUNK… The Scientific Method, Humanities Most Powerful Weapon”


“it’s pretty refreshing to see a black man who behaves this maturely and thinks so rationally. and i mean that in the leat racist way possible”

I want Pfunk on my team.

“…BOOM. Ownage.”

“I agree with this guy 100%.”

“I love that guy.”


“this guy is speaking sense!!!”

“nice video dude. way to keep it simple and to the point. SHOW US THE EVIDENCE!!!”

“You kick ass! keep walking proud atheists!”

“PFUNK, you sir rule 🙂 ”

“p funk, you are the man, keep at it man.”

INCREDIBLE! THUMBS UP! I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! I’m a former Christian, now Atheist. I love the books you have! I’ll need to get those! I have LOADS of books on the universe, and on physics, astronomy, cosmology, quantum physics, quantum chromodynamics, antimatter, etc, etc! It’s Awesome that you love life, and study life, parallel universes, space-time physics and gravity, and laws, like the Grand Unified Theory, The Infinite Problem, Wave-Particle Duality, etc! You are SO Open Minded & Intelligent!

“THUMBS UP!! I saw your 1st video, and I LOVED IT!… We need PROOF! INCREDIBLE JOB! THANKS! ”

“even tho hes a steelers fan….I still like this guy. also, i think its a miracle that all the walking backwards this guy did, he never tripped over anything”

“Thumbs up P Funk!  My next drink will be for you bud!”

“i like the black man 🙂 ”

“5:27-5:33 friggin hilarious and true mad props…”

“Haha. Good man, P Funk. Delish.”

“I feel almost sorry for the other guys, they are so outmatched intellectually.”

“LOL. This was hilarious. The people filming were getting pwned so hard by that dude.”

You are the coolest sounding Atheist I have ever seen.”

“lol i love how he talks about if you believe its gonna be okay its going to whether its religion or whatever. this guy should be on national tv

“P funk had an answer for everything and he sounded cool as fuck saying them too. I wanna have more conversations like this in my life.”

“LUV U PFUNK1!! keep spreading rational thinking……….. ”

“I feel sad to say that you are the first black atheist that I have met but I am glad that I have met you keep up the good work man, you kick ass.”

“This brother is the “walking” example(pun intended) of why Atheists score 5.89 IQ points higher than religious believers(i.e. creationists, Bible literalists, ID advocates etc)…Shout out to PFunk. Great debate, bro.”

P Funk is one of the few African Americans who really broke free of all shackles of slavery! HE RULES!!!RELIGION IS SLAVERY!

“I don’t understand why the FUCK I haven’t subscribed to you yet. Glad I have now…He’s right. Can’t put it in anyother way. ”

“Respect man, that was cool and funny :)”

“I love black atheists! Kudos to this man!”

this guy is amazing. He knows that the best way to break through this idiocy is simply to ask questions. Never stop.”

“there IS hope for humanity! This guy made my fucking day… ”

“You’re a pretty awesome guy. I’d like to go get a slice of pizza with you. Keep on truckin’ my fellow atheist.”

“this man has my Respect”

“He created the universe, he can figure it out.” Best response ever to, “What would it take to make you believe?”

“The answer is WE DON”T KNOW. This is wisdom.”

“Just saw your Atheist Walking video. Mate (yes, I’m an aussie) I was really impressed with how you handled yourself. Much respect. Keep being free, and you got yourself another sub.”

“Man you are AWESOME. I loved the Athiest walking video. You have my respect man. Keep up the GREAT work.”

“I would love to meet that guy. He has some great answers, on the spot. He seems like an awesome man.”

“This guy is just being real something we need more of!”

This guy is fucking awesome. I want him to be my friend. Awesome.”

“The black atheist…….An endangered species. Lol whenever I see a black atheist on youtube it’s like seeing an eclipse. Something rare and marvelous. Keep it up dude!”

“I want to give P Funk a high-5”

youre badass! that atheist walking video is awesome thanks!”

“That was epic. Great job!”

Thank you PFUNK1. “The idea of living forever does NOT get me hot.” My thoughts exactly.”

“Where was this shot, because I’d vote for PFunk for just about any policy making job he’d want.”

This guy is the root of all awesomeness!

Your atheistic view on faith in outstanding. If you wake up with faith in anything your free.”

PFunk1, your courage and boldness are awesome!!!! I love what you are doing. You totally rock.”

“Nice man nice to see someone who knows what there talking about.”

“Cool video, good to see an “African-American” atheistfor a change”

Funk has a lot of class, and above all, patience. Funk, you have amazing energy and optimism trying to reason with the insane. I got exhausted just watching it. More Power to you!”

“He’s black and an atheist? Pretty God damn awesome.”

“I love this guy. Dropping knowledge in the streets.”

“I worship PFUNK.”

“I want his charisma… ”

“P Funk rocks on…. This man talks some sense. Keep up the good works, one at a time.”

This guy is the black Matt Dillahunty. We HAVE to get these two together. It would be like getting the gate keeper and the key master together to bring back the triumphant return of Goezer!!! GWA HA HA HA HA HA!!!”

“Excellent stuff! Owning preachers on the street using easy arguments and points is awesome.”

“the black guy wins epicly

“Holy shit smart! O.o that blew me away! well spoken that any orator and concise arguments”

“Someone that thinks for himself.”


“I loved how this guy kept his cool, and tried to answer all their questions. He’s an example for all of us, atheists. Cheers!”



“I love this gangster. Christians, watch up for African Americans with glasses!”

A very smart man. ”

“guy talks a lot of sense”

“This dude totally owned these guys in an intelligent manner. Great job lol.”

“This guy is a bad ass”

“I admire this mans patience.”

Proud man walking, not in vain, but just walking, uncertain, great doubt and Happy.”

“I love this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“This guy is a LEGEND!”

“PFunk is admirable.”

“I’m a CHristian and I love this guy! We met at a conservative rally and had a mini debate on the grounds after wards. He may seem like a pitbull but is a great person to talk to. And he doesn’t stoop to the typical 3rd grade sandbox tactic of name calling as some atheists do. Way to go PFUnk… love ya but God does exists and you know it ! 😉 ”

“Pfunk knows more about the bible than most theists.”

“Excellent! He never is at a loss for words.”

Atheist walking IS God, the joke’s on them”

“I think this man is the first openly atheist black man i have ever seen.”

“WOW! I am even more a fan of you, PFunk! Just found you yesterday and I’m already a groupie! <3 You show a bravery that I’m still a little to shy to evince”

“How can I find this man and high five him?!”

“This dude is my new best friend. I love him.”

“NICE! P FUNK you ROCK dude!!”


“Rock on PFUNK!! Love the way you know the bible more than the pursuing Christians do.”