An Open Conversation With A Christian 2004

july 16, 2004

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>Hello, how are you and the family doing? I pray that your doing great, and
>most importantly drawing closer to the Lord Jesus, making a total surrender to
>Him daily. If not, why not today. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is far away,
>in fact not even promised. Let us respond to the Saviour’s invitation and
>command to “Take up our cross” and follow Him this day. “This is the day the Lord
>has made”- Made for what? For us to experience the fullness of His Great and
>Glorious Power in the transformation of our minds and lives today. Won’t you
>join me. Rev 14:7 “For the hour of His judgement is come”.
>P.S. See attachment, it is a wonderful lesson. Write me back and let me know
>what you think.1 John 3:2,3

Subj: Re: Lessons on Faith
Date: 7/16/2004 10:10:51 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: PFUNK1
To: **** *****

faith works. faith is man made.
you dont need to have faith in any particular god, just a strong faith.
its the power of believing in something that transforms the individual,
no the something that is believed in. its the faith. or maybe
the thing you have strong life chamging faith in becomes god.
hmmmm… maybe im on to something here

the more i read, the more ridiculous the biblical stories sound.
the more i hear believers talk, the more im amazed at how so
many people can believe so deeply in something so riduculous.
its like lunacy if you ask me.

read your words. your BEGGING THE QUESTION. you dont provide any
tangible evidence or anything, you are just BEGGING for people
to believe as you do. its kinda unbecoming if ya ask me. and
since im talking, you sound like you are in some kinda cult.
it cant be healthy to be involved and so completely subservient
to anything like you are. i could not follow or dedicate myself
to anything other than my own understanding like that.

i hope you have a good morning and a great day. im having a good
one so far here in wonderful los angeles. i aint mad or hatin
on ya for nothing, but i gotta let you know you sound crazy
to me talking like that. its complete lunacy to me.

but hey, as long as it works for you. and it doesnt bother me if
you want to pray for me to find god, cause i know those prayers
actually are for you to help YOU strengthen and justify YOUR faith.

most of all we funk!!