Talkin’ Quantum Spiritual Energy

i have always subscribed to a multi-universe theory. i think there are and have been bazillions. but i dont believe they exist as one for every posibility. like parallel universes. so i never was sugary sweet on the “quantum” thing as a whole, but was definitely feeling the duality particle / wave¬†stuff and how if “viewed” events are influened and changed in the quantum realm (very sub atomic particles).

but it wasnt until like a few months ago i made the connection between meditation and such (and energy it could bring) and its effect in the quantum realm. there now is at least a glimmer of what could be the connection of how thoughts, prayers, meditations and what some call spiritual energy interfaces and interacts in what we perceive to be the physical world.

science is getting close to describing things once thought of as metaphysical in scientific terms. just like when we thought chariots pulled the sun across the sky until science and observation showed us different.