The Power Of “Faith” is Also the Problem with Faith

Faith works. A person with a faith is a happier, better functioning human being. Faith by definition is belief in things for which there is no evidence. Over the years of human development systems were created that pump adreneline, saratonin, endorphins and other stimulants into our system based on how we feel and what we think. With faith, we not only find a way to overcome the things that are unknown to us (no evidence),  we also can achieve the spectacular and perform “super human” tasks based on how we feel.

The problem with faith is that just because a person (or miillions of people) believes it, it is still unknown (there is no evidence). And because these beliefs are “sights unseen,” they can be interpreted and or presented to be anything. There is no direct criteria to judge the unknown so it can be whatever we or any individual wants it to be. It’s not about what it is, its now becomes about what we believe it is.

So when we apply faith to religion and God, who determines what the unknown and unseen is? The Church? Your Pastor? The Bible? It’s he who claims to know the unknown.  And we all have an equal right to do that. So how can any individual or organization claim to know what God is or what God wants?

With no direct evidence there will always be conflicting ideas,contradictions and at least minor conflict.

Science is a system where nothing is taken as true without direct evidence and repeatable demostration of this evidence. There has to be criteria and “experiments” that can disprove any claim that is made. If something cant be disproven it cant be taken as fact.