CNN anchor checks Warren Ballentine in defense of Atheists

On his weekend show CNN Newsroom,  anchor Don Lemon interjected and corrected radio personality Warren Ballentine after Ballentine had made a non-inclusive statement along religious lines.  Attempting to make a point, Ballentine began with “If you are a Christian and believe in Jesus Christ…” before making his claim.  When Lemon had his chance to speak, he immediately pointed out that Ballentine’s statement was good for not only Christians, but for non-believers and “Atheists” also. This issuance of Newsroom had multiple guests discussing race in America and religion was not the main topic.

Link to CNN transcript below
“BALLENTINE: If you believe in god and you believe in Christ, we are children of god, we are all one. We have to get past it. We got all these technology and we’re too stupid to get along.
LEMON: And America, even if you don’t believe in whatever, if you’re an atheist, we still are supposed to accept everyone. Hey list, April, go ahead real quick.”

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  1. I really should at least dvr the replay at 10pm. i’m too lazy, i’m sure somebody will youtube it.

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