May 05

Leaps Of Faith From A Foundation Of Faith

11075209_10153256975002125_1544533994504620119_nLeaps of faith (belief without evidence) from a foundation of faith. There is no evidence that there is an ultimate “Creator.” From there, there is no evidence that this creator can or does interact with the “creation” we call the universe. The temperament and disposition of this creator is also a great leap of faith. What this “God” rewards or punishes, that our rights and freedoms or that God created love is 5 or 6 leaps of faith from faith based on a faith.

My point is that it is one thing to believe that there was a Creator, another that this creator still exists, another that this creator has dominion or any power (making it a God) over us and the universe, and yet another to speculate what this creator desires of its “creation.”

The simple phrase “God is good” is multiple points of faith based on something there is no evidence for.

This thinking has a direct impact on how we appreciate ourselves, each other, the earth and everything else we believe comes from God. It also shifts responsibility (and credit) from us to a non-existent God. Accomplishments and tasks we should look to each other for we “leave in God’s hands.” We can’t appreciate the full glory of life and the earth if we are looking to get to a better place (heaven). 

The immediacy and significance of life and our impact and responsibility to the earth and the universe and our survival is lost in a faith in God.

Our hope and faiths and spirituality should be placed within ourselves and in each other. We should have the same regard and reverence for life, consciousness, the earth and everything in the universe that we do for God.

It is my sincere and deepest belief that this is what is “needed” for mankind to achieve not only a heaven on earth, but to attain the understanding to catalyst our long term success in this particular universe.

May 02

More Of My Personal Atheism

I was bitter about religion and how believers treated me back when I realized I didn’t believe in God and EVERYONE around me did. I was totally convinced everyone around me was “wrong” for believing in imaginary things that no one ever saw- but Im the one crazy one. Being ridiculed and told to be quiet and that i was silly for just asking questions and having such an outlandish belief that there might not be a God. I remember how it wasnt easy stating publicly that I was an atheist on my first webpages (I can actually visualize the moment i did it). I was uncomfortable wondering how family, friends, co workers etc  would react to it. This was a time when I could be called bitter and angry at religion and the people who believed. I see now it was because I felt I could not express my own belief freely, and I resented that. Note: It was significant that I was very independent and living alone when I went public with my atheism.img4

Over time (years) as the people around me accepted my athiesm I grew more confident and I posted the “Atheist Walking” video- maybe the first real atheist video ever on YouTube. This video started an atheist revolution on YouTube that grew into other many mediums. It was during this time that I found fellowship and like minded people to express and share with. My bitterness and anger began to slowly go away to the point now where I’m just occasionally mildly irritated and frustrated by folks! LOL

And in fact, I have posted many videos denounincing angry atheists! They are some mean spirited and disrespectful folks and I didn’t agree with that. These people have went thru horrible things with their familes and communities and maybe had a “right” to be angry and bitter. I was living alone when I came out, but there are young people dependant on family who were thrown out and disowned. There are many stories or cruelty and pressure put on non-
believers by the society around them and they reltaliated with anger and aggression once they found they had others who shared the same experience.
So after 100,000 or so video views I became content and passive. I was relaxed cause I made my point and began to focus on the next step of my atheistic activism. And that was to find a compelling and “logical” reason why mankind should not believe in God. To identify specific reasons and the costs involved in holding these primitive beliefs.

So over the years, to make a long story shorter, I came to the personal conclusion that the current major religions, the bible and God simply don’t answer enough of todays modern questions adequately. “Have faith” and “put it in Gods hands” simply doesn’t work today. In a society and culture that has detailed scientific answers to almost everything at our fingertips, a 2000 year old book with generalized vague ideas leaves mankind only half full.
It’s not enough anymore to “control” Man’s behavior with the threat of judgement and heaven or hell. Mankind needs deeper modern reasoning and understanding of a ideal or goal to have faith in. Believing a God created us and we will go to a heaven is very detrimental to the human experience. This life is all we got and to survive, I mean really survive over millions of years  we must go beyond this thinking and make long range strategies. And to make these strategies our best bet presently is in the accumulated know ledges of research, science and experiment. We need to know how things really work and not that “God does it.” One of the things that use to make me really mad was the idea that there are things Man is not supposed to know, things that only God can know. That and the idea that Man and life is weak, flawed, imperfect and we are “sheep” and only God can be perfect. This institutionalized widespread teaching cripples us as a species. Teaching our children not to go beyond the knowledge of God is an ultimate sin to me. And I was sure to let my children know that.

I truly believe if we had the faith in ourselves that we have in God 97% of our problems would go away. We would act and think differently, more so we would act and not pray. We would cherish life much more deeply knowing this is it and there is no heaven and that we won’t see loved ones again.  I believe we must develop and have faith in things that have a scientific basis that proves to assist humanity in it long range survival. We must cherish the Earth- Sun ecosystem cause life as we know it survives no where else in the universe. This is it and we are all we have. And we are all we need! WE MAKE MIRACLES, NOT GOD!!! But we are not taught that, we are taught the exact opposite in fact!!!

The killings and bombings and shootings will continue until we reach a new “higher” level of understanding about Mankind’s role (and thereby every individuals role) in the universe. Im not sure what this understanding will be but I know the Bible and a God in the sky no longer seems to satisfy us. The people doing these acts are not complete lunatics or even evil, some are mentally imbalanced sure, but the thrust is they have been pushed to a breaking point which I believe is they feel they cannot be part of the overall functioning system. These are people who feel lost, abandoned and even threatened by the natural workings of our socio-economic system.

My idea is that the goal of life is survival, simply put to continue. And mankind is at the forefront of life as we know it at this point. Mankind has a responsibility to life, because we have consciousness to grow and nurture life. NOT GOD!! US!! And I dont see this happening with the core of the world believing the earth is temporary and that being with a God and in heaven is the ultimate goal.

Side Note: You mentioned something earlier about me and black people. I’m not sure what you meant but I will say this. Black people are stuck in that “God is everything” way of thinking. (Im speaking in general and statistics on religious beliefs back me up). Black people love Jesus and not science. And yes, there will be a few exceptions to what i said, but how many black people do you know who could tell you what the Large Hardron Collider is? And yeah, there may not be many other kind of people who could, but of the ones who can tell you about the God particle the overwhelming majority of them aint black.

Apr 25

A Facebook Reply About My Atheism

extra ordinary claims require extraordinary proof. first off, i see no evidence that there is a God. And if by God a person means a “Creator,” i see no evidence this creator interacts in our day to day lives. there are questions i cannot answer as to our origins and purpose, and i am comfortable with “i/we dont know” as an answer. i understand totally why people believe in God and the comfort faith gives- I TOTALLY AM A FAN OF FAITH!. Faith works and has driven humanity to accomplish the greatest things. Faith and love move mountains. i am a fan of science and have ideas of our origins that i feel more comfortable believing than the creation story. my understanding of life and how the universe works gets me by without an external conscious source to guide it. thats what works for me. other people are free to believe as they wish and im cool with that, until their ideas cant stand the test of logic. i will never challenge someone on their right to believe 1 + 1 = 7, but i will come at them with both guns loaded to explain their reasoning behind such a claim.20031113-005--300x211

i love nerdy theological discussions! i believe the media and the internet and the open discussion of religion is what is going to be its downfall. never before has a person been free to ask questions about God on such a widespread basis without persecution and ridicule. and when the most holy of people are asked straight questions they cannot answer them, they have to refer to faith. and faith is the belief in things for which there is no evidence. in todays world we are use to direct detailed answers about everything and the kids grow up expecting this instantly on their phones from google. and they get these answers! and they are asking intelligent detailed questions about God that no one can answer, only faith can answer these. the following generations will make their own decisions regarding God and religions and the example that started this conversation is just the beginning. kids are allowed to question god openly in public now maybe for the first time ever.

Apr 10

Pondering Our Origins

149352_10151439773102125_1230131461_nEducation not only provides more possibilities and solutions, but enhances the process by which answers are found. Without a basic understanding of the sciences and how chemistry, biology, astronomy etc all operate together, how does one come to an explanation for the origin of life and the Universe? How is this very complex question answered without the accumulated study, experiment and knowledge of Mankind? The questioning of our origins will lead us to the most important answers there are: Why are we here? What is our purpose?


It is possible life as we know it may have to go beyond what we were “created” for or by. We may find that what we have evolved into was not the intention if there was a conscious creator. We may find life as we know it was an unintended consequence of an “eternal ongoing” process. We may find that for life to continue “forever” life must do battle with the forces that created it to survive. This …is the way life works via the evolutionary process in the only ecosystem we know, ours. There is no set or determined goal of life. This process did not intend to create Man, the intention of this process is to continue. We are not the final or highest point of this process, we are just a step an evolutionary step in this process.


I miss my stop theorizing about the universe and had to back track 3 stations! LOL LIFE IS GOOD!


RT: @SamHarrisOrg: Facts and Values: If you are not going to get your values from how the universe IS, just where are you going to get them? (This was tweeted just now!! Great minds think alike!!)


Mar 16

An Open Conversation With A Christian 2004

july 16, 2004

In a message dated 7/15/2004 9:43:39 AM Eastern Daylight Time, **** ***** writes:

>Hello, how are you and the family doing? I pray that your doing great, and
>most importantly drawing closer to the Lord Jesus, making a total surrender to
>Him daily. If not, why not today. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is far away,
>in fact not even promised. Let us respond to the Saviour’s invitation and
>command to “Take up our cross” and follow Him this day. “This is the day the Lord
>has made”- Made for what? For us to experience the fullness of His Great and
>Glorious Power in the transformation of our minds and lives today. Won’t you
>join me. Rev 14:7 “For the hour of His judgement is come”.
>P.S. See attachment, it is a wonderful lesson. Write me back and let me know
>what you think.1 John 3:2,3

Subj: Re: Lessons on Faith
Date: 7/16/2004 10:10:51 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: PFUNK1
To: **** *****

faith works. faith is man made.
you dont need to have faith in any particular god, just a strong faith.
its the power of believing in something that transforms the individual,
no the something that is believed in. its the faith. or maybe
the thing you have strong life chamging faith in becomes god.
hmmmm… maybe im on to something here

the more i read, the more ridiculous the biblical stories sound.
the more i hear believers talk, the more im amazed at how so
many people can believe so deeply in something so riduculous.
its like lunacy if you ask me.

read your words. your BEGGING THE QUESTION. you dont provide any
tangible evidence or anything, you are just BEGGING for people
to believe as you do. its kinda unbecoming if ya ask me. and
since im talking, you sound like you are in some kinda cult.
it cant be healthy to be involved and so completely subservient
to anything like you are. i could not follow or dedicate myself
to anything other than my own understanding like that.

i hope you have a good morning and a great day. im having a good
one so far here in wonderful los angeles. i aint mad or hatin
on ya for nothing, but i gotta let you know you sound crazy
to me talking like that. its complete lunacy to me.

but hey, as long as it works for you. and it doesnt bother me if
you want to pray for me to find god, cause i know those prayers
actually are for you to help YOU strengthen and justify YOUR faith.

most of all we funk!!

Mar 12

BlackOut:Secular Rally A Celebration Of Diversity July 27, 2013


Mar 02

DAILYS: October 9, 2004: Wishing A President Would Acknowledge Atheists

october 9, 2004
“Atheism would appear to be one of the last minorities it is acceptable to openly discriminate against, right along with homosexuals. Atheists are not allowed to hold public office in four states. While campaigning for the presidency, George Bush stated and later reaffirmed that he did not believe atheists could possibly be patriotic and should not be citizens. The Boy Scouts of America refuse to accept atheists in its ranks, asserting that they cannot possibly grow up into the best possible citizens. Good Christians on the Religious Right proclaim that a conspiracy of atheists and secular humanists is trying to take over this country and brainwash the children – despite our small numbers! Atheism itself is generally ignored in politics and in the media.” from:

the possible next president of the united states publicly acknowledging the rights and culture of agnostics and atheists. just even saying the word atheist publicly is major.

“daddy whats an atheist?”

Jan 04

A difference between placing my faith in “The Universe” and not in a “God.”

“A difference between placing my faith in “The Universe” and not in a “God” is “Universe”  is Earth/ Life based- there is no supernatural conscious supreme being needed to receive (or pray to for) “blessings” and “miracles.”

More people are giving the advice “trust God” or “leave it in God’s hands” to people who are looking for solutions to problems. I understand this is compassion and an attempt to comfort the person, but its really not a solution at all and could worsen the situation when real strategy and determined actions by the individual are needed and not complacency.

…there comes a point when there is “nothing” that can be done or a person has done everything they “should,” are allowed or are capable of doing- its at these moments when its up to fate or circumstance and when i (and maybe other people) turn to the faith of their choice. 

there are times when i turn to my faith and say leave it in the universe’s hands. and by universe i mean the humanity and environment around me and basically karma. a belief that the things i have done in life will “rescue” or take care of me. im talking the relationships, infrastructure and “protections” ive established by living a harmonious life. by leaving it in the universe’s hands i mean purely earth based events and not any kind of divine or supernatural intervention by a supreme being. when most people say “GOD” they mean the conscious traditional God who intervenes and protects.

also i say this after real strategy and determined actions have been taken. these “real strategy and determined actions” are part of the “infrastructure” i mentioned above and for the most part something im doing all the time- call it a kind of preparation and sort of like an insurance.

i never pray to anything for changes, intervention or to acquire something. inherently i do everything that i can think of to do and then leave it in the universes hands.

also there are times when i know ive laid the groundwork and even expect things to happen in my favor cause i am aware of the situation ive created. i may modestly thank the universe but if i track back i will see my work and actions (harmony with everything around me) put people and things in place way before the situation that will respond positively to my needs and desires.

i believe all we need and have is earth and life based and is not supernatural

Dec 28

Why The Devil Can’t Be Saved

Jul 24

The Power Of “Faith” is Also the Problem with Faith

Faith works. A person with a faith is a happier, better functioning human being. Faith by definition is belief in things for which there is no evidence. Over the years of human development systems were created that pump adreneline, saratonin, endorphins and other stimulants into our system based on how we feel and what we think. With faith, we not only find a way to overcome the things that are unknown to us (no evidence),  we also can achieve the spectacular and perform “super human” tasks based on how we feel.

The problem with faith is that just because a person (or miillions of people) believes it, it is still unknown (there is no evidence). And because these beliefs are “sights unseen,” they can be interpreted and or presented to be anything. There is no direct criteria to judge the unknown so it can be whatever we or any individual wants it to be. It’s not about what it is, its now becomes about what we believe it is.

So when we apply faith to religion and God, who determines what the unknown and unseen is? The Church? Your Pastor? The Bible? It’s he who claims to know the unknown.  And we all have an equal right to do that. So how can any individual or organization claim to know what God is or what God wants?

With no direct evidence there will always be conflicting ideas,contradictions and at least minor conflict.

Science is a system where nothing is taken as true without direct evidence and repeatable demostration of this evidence. There has to be criteria and “experiments” that can disprove any claim that is made. If something cant be disproven it cant be taken as fact.

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