Sep 23

Video Found Of Humanist Slamming Steve Harvey’s Comments at AAI 2009

Video footage has surfaced of Humanist Dr. Sikivu Hutchison once again slamming Comedian Steve Harvey’s derogatory comments towards atheists. Dr. Hutchinson has had Harvey in her sights before, this is not new. Recently an organization she founded in Los Angeles, The Black Skeptics Group, targeted Harvey in a promotional ad. It is not known yet if Steve Harvey has reacted to Hutchinson’s attacks.

What sets these shots apart is they were delivered at the Atheist Alliance International 2009 Fall convention.

The Black Skeptics Group meets in Los Angeles to provide all races of people (though dedicated to African Americans) with an outlet to express their religious stories and questions. The Group is planning an event of its own: Going Godless In The Black Community (An Open Dialogue On Living Morally And Happily Without Religion) on November 7 in Los Angeles, Ca.

Sep 16

Sikivu Hutchinson, Richard Dawkins, Anthony Pinn To Discuss Faith In the Black Community

Black Skeptics Group founder Dr. Sikivu Hutchinson will be participating in the event Dialogue of Reason: Science and Faith in the Black Community on  Sept. 28 in Washington, DC.

Hutchinson along with famed evolutionary biologist,  author & Professor Emeritus Richard Dawkins of Oxford University, Anthony Pinn and others will meet at Howard to discuss the issues surrounding science within the Black Community as well as the impediments imposed by superstition and religious dogma. The public event is hosted by the Department of Physiology & Biophysics of Howard University, The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science, the Secular Students of Howard University, The James Randi Foundation, Center for Inquiry – On Campus, Black Atheists of America as well as other local and national secular groups.

Dawkins & Bill Maher at AAI 2009 Convention

Dr. Sikivu Hutchinson, noted author and activist: “The Black Church’s policing of the bodies and destinies of black women and the lives of gays and lesbians represents a bankrupt ‘morality’ which is just as pernicious as that of the Religious Right… if being black and being Christian are synonymous, then being black, female and religious (whatever denomination) is practically compulsory. Insofar as atheism and humanism provide an implicit rejection of both black patriarchy and ‘authentic’ blackness, those who would dare to come out of the closet as atheists are potential race traitors.”

Hutchinson & Pinn at AAI 2009 Burbank, Ca

Professor Emeritus Richard Dawkins, Oxford University: “Science is for everybody. It is of course useful, and we can use it to solve humanity’s problems. But useful is not all that science is. Science is also beautiful, and its beauty, too, is for everybody. Science tells us the truth about reality, about the real universe which we all inhabit. There is a savage beauty in the cosmos, which dwarfs our petty human concerns and quarrels. Raising our sights to our telescopes’ far horizon, cosmology unites us in awe. At the same time evolution, the unifying theory of all biology, not only explains our very existence but teaches us we are all one family, all kin, regardless of race, with a shared ancestral heritage which binds us into hopes of a shared future.”

Professor Anthony Pinn, Religious Studies at Rice University: “This is an ideal time and this event is an important opportunity to stress the importance for African Americans to critically engage the world and, through reasonable means, assess the issues impinging upon quality of life for African Americans across the country.”

The Black Skeptics Group meets in Los Angeles to provide all races of people (though dedicated to African Americans) with an outlet to express their religious stories and questions. The Group is planning an event of its own: Going Godless In The Black Community on November 7 in Los Angeles, Ca.

Sep 16

FUNK OF GODS “P-Funky” Music Used In Promo Ad

The Black Skeptics Group of Los Angeles used music created by FUNK OF GODS in a promotional ad for an upcoming event. The music, which was produced by jefferyTV and performed by Gospeldelic Records, is inspired by the Funkadelic song Cosmic Slop. The tracks working title is Follow and Believe and is slated to be released as part of  The Atheist Destroyer Project.

Sep 16

Black Skeptics Group To Host L.A. Event

An Open Dialogue On Living Morally And Happily Without Religion
Sunday, November 7, 2010 at 1:00pm
Lucy Florence Coffee House
3351 W. 43rd Street
Los Angeles, CA

“A growing number of blacks are ‘going Godless.’ Steve Harvey says we have no morals, but what about the Catholic Church scandals, predator preachers and Koran-burning crazies? Come join the Black Skeptics Group at Lucy Florence coffehouse in Leimert Park on November 7th at 1:00 in a candid discussion about living happily and morally without religion.” -Dr. Sikivu Hutchinson

We are a group of people who meet in the Los Angeles area to discuss (not argue or debate) our experiences with religion and church as it relates to the black community (all are welcome). We are not here to convert anyone or change anyone’s views. We provide a place to exchange ideas and stories to those people who have questions but feel they cannot openly discuss their faith and belief without persecution.

Sep 14

FUNK OF GODS: Catholic Grace Funk

Unfinished Track:
Working Title: Catholic Grace Funk
The Atheist Destroyer Project
the FUNK of the GODS is FAITH

Sep 03

Richelle Carey & jefferyTV Share Religious Link On FB

One of my all time favorite newscasters, Richelle Carey of Head Line News, shared a link on FaceBook the same time that I did. It was a link concerning Religion, God and the creation of the universe which is one of my all time favorite passions.

Richelle Carey

Richelle Carey (Tv screen cap)

Aug 31

Richard Dawkins, Neil deGrasse Tyson Do Howard University, Dawkins Does CAL-TECH

The Poetry of Science – Neil deGrasse Tyson and Richard Dawkins – presented by Secular Students at Howard University

From: 28 September 2010 12:01 AM
28 September 2010 11:59 PM
Time Zone:
Eastern Time (US & Canada)
The Poetry of Science, Discussions of the beauty of science. Two of science’s luminaries converse on the beauty of science. Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist and host of NOVA and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins will explore the wonders of the Cosmos and of Life, its origins, its inspirations, and why science is not just an option, it is the only reality we possess.

What: The Poetry of Science
When: September 28th, 2010
Where: Crampton Hall Howard University
Time: 12:00pm – 1:30pm
Other: Ticketed event, free to the public.
For further information visit

Secular Students at Howard University presents Neil deGrasse Tyson Director of the Hayden Planetarium

& Richard Dawkins Evolutionary Biologist. Co-sponsored by The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science Tuesday, September 28th at 6:30pm Crampton Hall, Howard University.

Also on the list as panelists. Anthony Pinn, Sikivu Hutchinson, Todd Stiefel

Event Website:

Richard will be speaking at this event.
This event is sponsored by the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science.
2400 Sixth Street, NW, Washington, DC 20059, United States


Richard Dawkins speaking at Skeptic Society, Cal Tech, LA

Time From: 06 October 2010 08:00 PM To: 06 October 2010 10:00 PM
Time Zone:
Pacific Time (US & Canada)
Event Date: Wednesday, October 6, 2010 at 8:00 pm
Location: Beckman Auditorium
Speaker: Richard Dawkins

Tickets: $10 Skeptics Society members/Caltech/JPL community; $15 everyone else. Tickets may be purchased in advance beginning Sept. 7, 2010 through the Caltech ticket office at 626-395-4652 or at the door. Ordering tickets ahead of time is strongly recommended. The Caltech ticket office asks that you do not leave a message. Instead call between 12:00 and 5:00 Monday through Friday.

RICHARD DAWKINS BEGINS BY EXPLAINING that all of his previous books naïvely assumed the fact of evolution, which meant that he never got around to laying out the evidence that evolution is true. Dawkins also came to realize that a disturbingly large percentage of the American and British public didn’t share his enthusiasm for evolution. In fact, they actively abhorred the idea, since it seemed to contradict the Bible and diminish the role of God. So Dawkins decided to write a book for these history-deniers, in which he would dispassionately demonstrate the truth of evolution beyond sane, informed, intelligent doubt. If Charles Darwin walked into a 21st-century bookstore and wanted to know how his theory had fared, this is the book he should pick up. As Darwin famously noted, “There is grandeur in this view of life.” What Dawkins demonstrates is that this view of life isn’t just grand: it’s also undeniably true.

Event Website:
Richard will be speaking at this event.
Caltech – Beckman Auditorium, Pasadena, CA, United States

Aug 30

Was Christianity The Causal Agent For Individualism?

Link to article
Link to video

FREEDOMFEST 2010 “The Importance of Christianity to Western Civilization”

“Christianity was the primary reason this one small section of the Eurasian land mass exploded into an unprecedented five centuries of creativity called the Renaissance. The basic Christian premise that all human individuals are invited into a personal relationship with God and that all individuals are equal in God’s sight was a revolutionary idea. No other religion and no other society had ever said that. Thomas Aquinas was chiefly responsible for transforming Christianity into the kind of individualist belief system that had such a major impact on the West. It was Aquinas who said that it is pleasing to God for us to explore the mysteries of this universe and understand them and to create great works of beauty.

Along with that, two additional ideas gave the West a huge advantage over the rest of the world. One was autonomy—the notion that one can act efficaciously as an individual was also a Christian contribution unique to the West. The second is the Christian idea that each individual had been put on this earth for a purpose, which was a terrific motivator for creative elites. This was distinctive to Christianity. The origins of the scientific method also grew as an accumulation of all this.

The stonemasons created artistic works which were placed where they would never be seen by anyone. When they created those works, the stonemasons claimed that they were carving “for the eye of God.” A great deal of the inspiration of creative elites—people who devote themselves to creating great works, whether in science or the arts—reflects the kind of passion eloquently expressed as “carving for the eye of God.”

Without the influence of Christianity, ideas such as individualism, rights and autonomy would not have developed in the West. In fact, these were ideas which never developed anywhere else except in the West. Individualist ideas are distinctively a Western creation, and all of them evolved as the direct causal influence of Christianity.

The Greeks laid the foundation, but they did not have the concept of individualism. The Greeks and Aristotle predated the concept of individualism as it developed in the West.

As to science and mathematics, non-Western societies such as China did come up with scientific insights, but their scientific knowledge was hampered because they never developed the scientific method, which was an outgrowth of these individualist ideas. The reason we developed the scientific method in the West is complicated, but much of it has to do with the Western idea of individualism. In Asia, there is much less willingness to stand up and say ‘I’m right and you’re wrong’—and to argue it out—which is the essence of how the scientific method got started.

Human achievement, especially in the sciences, is fostered by the kind of individuality which motivates people to fight things out, to stand up and say, “I am right and you are wrong, and we will fight this out to the end.’ In Asia, that is a very alien way of looking at things. Christianity had advantages which other religions such as Confucianism and Taosim did not in terms of developing the scientific method.

Religion’s role in fostering the development of Western civilization has been huge and constructive. Specifically with respect to the scientific method, there was a critical turning point in the accumulation of human knowledge in which Christianity was the direct causal agent.”

Link to article
Link to video

Jul 27

“The Bible shows the way to go to heaven, not the way the heavens go.” -Galileo Galilei

Galileo’s Tomb

march 25, 2000 Driving past where galileo was under house arrest and died cause he said the Earth went around the Sun


12:54pm 5:05pm I am in St Croce, . A huge cathedral where Galileo (of course I took pix with flash which is a no-no of Galileo’s tomb) Da’vinci,  Machevelli and others are buried.


St. Croce and me; Florence, Italy


Jul 25

CNN anchor checks Warren Ballentine in defense of Atheists

On his weekend show CNN Newsroom,  anchor Don Lemon interjected and corrected radio personality Warren Ballentine after Ballentine had made a non-inclusive statement along religious lines.  Attempting to make a point, Ballentine began with “If you are a Christian and believe in Jesus Christ…” before making his claim.  When Lemon had his chance to speak, he immediately pointed out that Ballentine’s statement was good for not only Christians, but for non-believers and “Atheists” also. This issuance of Newsroom had multiple guests discussing race in America and religion was not the main topic.

Link to CNN transcript below
“BALLENTINE: If you believe in god and you believe in Christ, we are children of god, we are all one. We have to get past it. We got all these technology and we’re too stupid to get along.
LEMON: And America, even if you don’t believe in whatever, if you’re an atheist, we still are supposed to accept everyone. Hey list, April, go ahead real quick.”

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