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From My First Webpages On God & Religion (circa 1999)

The following are excerpts from my webpages over the years that addressed
God & Religion. These are basically my earliest religious internet writings. 

Cleveland, Oh – April 2002

THERE IS NO GOD and if your calling the “whatever” that created us God, he, she or it most certainly didn’t create us in his, her or it’s image. there is no devil, hell, heaven or son of God. There probably was a Jesus, and he was a very gifted man with many wise teachings and insight.

Eternal life is Man’s ultimate hope, Man has never wanted to believe that death is the end. Death is man’s #1 fear and all creatures fear death most.  God is #2 and only man has “God”   

RELIGION uses man’s ultimate fears and his ultimate hopesprobably with good intentions. The Bible evolved to declare certain tendencies of humankind as being wrong and immoral (sins). These actions were more than likely seen as detrimental to the success of the society.Man wrote the Bible then states that God said it; “the word of God,” thus giving the book the backing of an all powerful force.Certain institutions then gained control of the Bible, which defined God. they used God to enforce the words in the Bible (“the wages of sin are death, but the gift of God is eternal life”), which they interpreted.    

Cleveland, Oh – April 2002

This created organized religion, which set the rules that a man must live by. It gave control of man to the institutions that controlled the religion (“in the name of God”). Some of this control had sincere intention, some was for profit and some to dominate and subdue.   

This actually helped to “socialize” mankind. It set rules governing our natural instincts and actions.   

THE BIBLE After removing the “God gonna get you stuff,” for the most part the Bible and the teachings of Jesus make good sense. Not as a guide for one man to live forever, (which can’t happen cause forever won’t even last forever), but as a survival guide for Man the species to survive “forever.” The teachings of understanding, kindness, acceptance and even hygiene are healthy for mankind as a whole.   

CONSCIOUSNESS The gaining of consciousness was the most important development in our evolution from animal to Man. (We can do what we want) The gaining “knowledge of self” was the original sin. Before consciousness, living creatures could not sin. Organisms and animals that are controlled by instinct must obey the laws of nature and do not have freewill or the ability to sin. Consciousness puts man above the laws of nature giving humans the ability to break these laws. Thats why one can say “we are born in sin.” We are born with the ability to sin (but lets not forget the whole idea of “sin” is man-made). The fact that we can kill ourselves is the grand example of our freedom and capability over nature, nothing else can deliberately end its own existence (suicide).    

Cleveland, Oh – April 2002

WHAT RELIGION DOES Most western religions strip the carbon based life of the sun-earth system of its accomplishments and attributes them to a non-existent God.  

The first amino acid and dna, rna combinations, the first single cell organism, the first creature to move, to breath oxygen, etc. All these things along with the relatively recent accomplishments of Man are given to God, then religion even goes on to say Man is flawed and sinful.  

Man evolved consciousness, man evolved love, understanding, communication, spirituality and social aspects of his species
. Because we gained consciousness, we lost instinctive instruction. We were no longer controlled by instinct so we had to develop a system to survive and live within.
Part of the brilliance of the doctrine….
Posted by ATHEISTICFUNK1 on 11/21/2003, 4:25 pm,
in reply to “Re: prayer is belief and faith based…”that created God is that there can be no “evidence to the contrary” (there is no such evidence possible to disprove God
or invalidate God’s existence
) and this same doctrine (the Bible) does not present any verifiable or testable evidence for the existence of God. I do not rule out the possibility, i just don’t think there is and I ain’t seen no reason to think there isstill. Much respect for everyone and their beliefs, should they agree with mine or not as diversity is key to the success of life. It does not bother me that humans have so many different ideas of what life is and what life should be and diversity does not mean dilution. Much respect to everyone and their individual beliefs and philosophies(philosophyofchoice.com). The fellowship of religion (or anything) is spirituality.The feeling we get knowing and understanding that over thousands of years many people and many cultures have said this or that prayer or performed this or that ritual is a part of spirituality.