May 05

Leaps Of Faith From A Foundation Of Faith

11075209_10153256975002125_1544533994504620119_nLeaps of faith (belief without evidence) from a foundation of faith. There is no evidence that there is an ultimate “Creator.” From there, there is no evidence that this creator can or does interact with the “creation” we call the universe. The temperament and disposition of this creator is also a great leap of faith. What this “God” rewards or punishes, that our rights and freedoms or that God created love is 5 or 6 leaps of faith from faith based on a faith.

My point is that it is one thing to believe that there was a Creator, another that this creator still exists, another that this creator has dominion or any power (making it a God) over us and the universe, and yet another to speculate what this creator desires of its “creation.”

The simple phrase “God is good” is multiple points of faith based on something there is no evidence for.

This thinking has a direct impact on how we appreciate ourselves, each other, the earth and everything else we believe comes from God. It also shifts responsibility (and credit) from us to a non-existent God. Accomplishments and tasks we should look to each other for we “leave in God’s hands.” We can’t appreciate the full glory of life and the earth if we are looking to get to a better place (heaven). 

The immediacy and significance of life and our impact and responsibility to the earth and the universe and our survival is lost in a faith in God.

Our hope and faiths and spirituality should be placed within ourselves and in each other. We should have the same regard and reverence for life, consciousness, the earth and everything in the universe that we do for God.

It is my sincere and deepest belief that this is what is “needed” for mankind to achieve not only a heaven on earth, but to attain the understanding to catalyst our long term success in this particular universe.