Jan 04

A difference between placing my faith in “The Universe” and not in a “God.”

“A difference between placing my faith in “The Universe” and not in a “God” is “Universe”  is Earth/ Life based- there is no supernatural conscious supreme being needed to receive (or pray to for) “blessings” and “miracles.”

More people are giving the advice “trust God” or “leave it in God’s hands” to people who are looking for solutions to problems. I understand this is compassion and an attempt to comfort the person, but its really not a solution at all and could worsen the situation when real strategy and determined actions by the individual are needed and not complacency.

…there comes a point when there is “nothing” that can be done or a person has done everything they “should,” are allowed or are capable of doing- its at these moments when its up to fate or circumstance and when i (and maybe other people) turn to the faith of their choice. 

there are times when i turn to my faith and say leave it in the universe’s hands. and by universe i mean the humanity and environment around me and basically karma. a belief that the things i have done in life will “rescue” or take care of me. im talking the relationships, infrastructure and “protections” ive established by living a harmonious life. by leaving it in the universe’s hands i mean purely earth based events and not any kind of divine or supernatural intervention by a supreme being. when most people say “GOD” they mean the conscious traditional God who intervenes and protects.

also i say this after real strategy and determined actions have been taken. these “real strategy and determined actions” are part of the “infrastructure” i mentioned above and for the most part something im doing all the time- call it a kind of preparation and sort of like an insurance.

i never pray to anything for changes, intervention or to acquire something. inherently i do everything that i can think of to do and then leave it in the universes hands.

also there are times when i know ive laid the groundwork and even expect things to happen in my favor cause i am aware of the situation ive created. i may modestly thank the universe but if i track back i will see my work and actions (harmony with everything around me) put people and things in place way before the situation that will respond positively to my needs and desires.

i believe all we need and have is earth and life based and is not supernatural